Universal cash module

«Universal cash module» — application developed on platform EQUATION, representing back office part of single architecture module of banks clients cash servicing.


Universal cash module (UCM), running on platform EQUATION provides front office components with services for working with cash transactions. Besides capability of working in server mode, UCM includes complete set of interactive functions that allows to perform transactions on customers cash service directly from EQUATION terminal sessions. At present time UCM functionality allows to perform following cash transactions:

  1. Transfer of cash funds into accounts of clients (corporate clients and individuals);
  2. Cashpayments from customers' accounts;
  3. Intrabank cash operations (reinforcement, encashment, work with various kinds of values, servicing of cash technical devices - TCD, Cash-In, ATMs);
  4. Western Union transactions;
  5. Operations with checkbooks;
  6. Generation of the cash reporting.
The above listreflectsthe currentconfigurationof the system,newtypes of operations can beadded withoutadditional development,onlywiththe settings.

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