Annuity Module

The Annuity Module is intended for computerizing business operations related to maintaining and servicing retail loans for individuals with fixed repayment schedules and fixed debt repayment amount.
Annuity Module
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The Module is providing for servicing of the following products:
  • Consumer credits;
  • Mortgage credits;
  • Classical autocredits;
  • Autocredits with suspended last payment.
A specific feature of the Module is automatic completion of all operations related to the servicing of credits:
  1. opening accounts for agreement servicing;
  2. remitting funds to a clients account and collecting commission fees for extending loans;
  3. transfer of funds to a final recipient;
  4. interest accrual;
  5. executing clients instructions related to debt prepayment;
  6. scheduled debt repayment;
  7. updating repayment schedules;
  8. drawing up invoices;
  9. arrears bringing forward;
  10. applying a grace period in respect of paying penalties for overdue debts;
  11. settlements and collecting penalties and commission fees including:
    • monthly commission fees;
    • penalty for a failure to effect a compulsory payment;
    • penalty for the fact of overdue debt emersion.
  12. Computation of an exposure group under the agreement;
  13. Accounting of the change of the exposure group ;
  14. generation of Provisions for Probable Loan Loss and Provisions for Probable Loss in the group of tied up borrowers;
  15. applying scheduled amendments in agreement parameters;
  16. accounting of operations.
The Module has been optimized for the automatic high-efficiency processing of a great number of agreements. The time consumed for processing 1 million of active agreements is within from 10 to 20 minutes.

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