Integration Module

The Integration Module provides ability for the use of software on the platform of IBM i as part of an integrated solution. Specific integration features of client applications with the Equation system.


The Integration Module is accelerating and simplifying the process of creating and operating the integration solution for computer-aided banking systems on the basis of the Equation system. The Integration Module involves:
  • A server procuring multiflow processing of data coming from external systems. The server is functioning on the iSeries platform;
  • a library of functions implementing banking operations. The library of functions is implemented for Windows platform;
  • a library of functions to control the data processing process;
  • functions of automatic and manual data unloading from the Equation system to an external system.
The integration module version 3.0 provides a unique possibility of integrating existing applications on the IBM i platform in the world of Web services. High-performance self-sufficient solution to convert almost any software on the IBM i platform into a real Web-Service
  • Based on gSOAP.
  • High performance Web server running on a platform of IBM i. No additional server software needed such as WebSphere or Apache Tomcat.
  • Supported protocols HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Generator of service for existing programs using PCML description of their input and output parameters.
  • Support for client session mechanism - software environment is created and exists throughout the lifetime of the session.
  • Special features for the EQUATION system integration - call the standard API EQUATION as services, direct interaction with the module «Transactions Generator».

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