Corporate Loans

The Corporate Lending Module is intended for computerizing business operations related to maintaining and servicing loan agreements extended to legal entities and individuals.
Corporate Loans
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The Module is providing for servicing of the following products:
  1. A loan extended to a legal entity or individual with manual repayment schedule;
  2. A credit line for a legal entity or individual (including multicurrency loans):
    • With debt limits;
    • With extension limits.
  3. Tranches within the framework of credit lines;
  4. the provision of:
    • fixed-amount pledge;
    • fixed-amount guarantees;
    • fixed-amount sureties;
    • ceiling-amount sureties.
The Module specific feature is automatic effecting major operations related to the servicing of agreements:
  1. Opening accounts for agreement servicing;
  2. Interest accrual;
  3. Debt repayment;
  4. Drawing up invoices;
  5. Transfers in the event of arrears;
  6. Computation and collection of penalties;
  7. Accounting of changes in exposure groups;
  8. Accounting of reserves (Provisions for Probable Loan Loss, Provisions for Probable Loss Provisions for Probable Interest Loss, Provisions for Probable Penalty Loss);
  9. Automatic processing of tied agreements including:
    • Suretyship ceiling-amount agreement tie-in;
    • Recomputation of the amount of suretyship ceiling-amount agreement;
    • Distributing the amount of suretyship agreement by credit line tranches.
  10. Accounting of operations including those completed within previous business days;
  11. Generating notices to clients of pending events under the agreement.
Processing of loan agreements in a multiflow mode.

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