Settlement System

The Settlement System is a centralized system employed for the processing payment and financial documents of a bank in a real-time mode.


The Settlement System is intended for computerizing operations of processing internal and external payment and financial documents of a bank, as well as for procuring the interaction of computer-aided banking systems with external payment systems. The Systems key peculiarities are as follows:
  • Centralized data processing;
  • Relocation on of the list and rules of processing details of documents;
  • Relocation of the technological process of processing of documents and accounting of operations;
  • Processing of free-format documents;
  • Automatic routing of documents;
  • Automatic maintaining of cards of unpaid documents;
  • Investigating payments;
  • Enhanced facilities for monitoring routes and documents;
  • Support of the system of combating money laundering, as well as the system of collating operations against "black list";
  • Procuring interaction with a wide range of external payment systems.

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