«Nostro-position» — is a centralized system procuring computerization of accounting funds in all operations in Nostro accounts and administering bank resources.
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The Nostro-position module is intended to maintain money position in Nostro accounts of the Bank and subsidiary, administer the nostro-position of the Bank and subsidiary , instant bank liquidity , as well as to predict external movement of funds. Key peculiarities of the Module are:
  • Centralized real-time data processing;
  • Using the banks payment system mechanisms to be integrated with trade and settlement systems;
  • The opportunity to adjust the list of predicted factors and rules of computation thereof.

The Nostro-position module is procuring:
  • Accounting the banks payment and financial documents in the position;
  • Accounting transactions in the position on the base of Universal Internal Format;
  • Maintaining minimum balances (MB);
  • Turning promising revenues to the position in respect of MB transactions;
  • Turning Inter Branch Settlements account revenues to the position;
  • Accounting overnight loan agreements;
  • Control of Nostro accounts in Euroclear systems;
  • Turning promising revenues of the subsidiaries to the nostro- position;
  • Executing requests for foreign currency due payments.

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