The Banks activity objective consists in providing any banking products and rendering services available in the present-day financial market.
In its activities the Bank is striving to build long-term relations with companies operating in Russia and abroad and at any time available to offer high-quality customer-oriented services in conformity with international standards. The Bank is also rendering services to owners, shareholders and key managers of its corporate customers.

Belvnesheconombank Open Joint Stock Company is a universal lending and financial institution occupying leading positions among commercial banks of the Republic of Belarus in the field of international settlements, foreign exchange operations and servicing the countrys foreign economic business and customers. The Bank possesses a many-year experience and recognized reputation in the domestic and foreign currency markets.
Pursuant to major directions in its activities Belvnesheconombank throughout the whole period of its functioning has been occupying leading positions in the countrys banking system by servicing export-import operations and financing foreign trade transactions.

Moscommertsbank is a universal bank founded in 2001 . It is a subsidiary of Kazkommertsbank, one of the largest banks in the territory of CIS countries. The financial stability of Kazkommertsbank has been proved by the rating agencies Fitch, Moodys and Standard&Poors.
Moscommertsbank is noted for high and sustainable business growth rates. The Bank has been offering a wide range of banking products, rendering services for individuals and corporate customers, financial institutions. The Banks priority directions in its development are retail business, lending small and medium business, corporate sector.
The Bank is a participant of the deposit insurance system . It possesses licenses for effecting banking operations, broker , dealer, depositary activities, banking operations with individuals, activities related to managing securities, as well as the Certificate of the Association of Russian Banks. Moscommertsbank is a member of the Foreign Exchange Section of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), a participant of REUTERS and SWIFT.

AIKB Tatfondbank Open Joint Stock Company is a universal commercial bank offering a wide range of services to corporate customers and individuals. Tatfondbank ranks among ten largest regional banks of Russia.
One of the major directions in the Banks activities is servicing corporate customers among which are leading enterprises of the Republic, representatives of small and medium business, private entrepreneurs. The Bank is offering to its customers complex programs on solving business tasks.
Tatfondbank is actively involved in developing retail business by pursuing a flexible policy in the field of attracting individual deposits, updating and expanding the range of loan products, rendering services in money transfers and accepting payments.

VTB is a leading bank in Russia in the field of servicing foreign trade settlements. The Bank has been actively developing cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development jointly with which it has been developing a number of joint projects.
VTB has been effecting operations with all types of public and corporate securities and is one of the largest customer depositories in Russia.
VTB is one of the largest creditors of the Russian economy.
VTB possesses a highest for Russian banks rating of international rating agencies Moody`s Investors Service, Standard & Poor`s and Fitch. Russian rating agencies traditionally rank VTB among the highest reliability group.

VTB Bank

Absolute Bank was founded in 1993 and currently it is a member of KBC Group, one of the largest financial groups in Europe.
To all of its customers legal entities Absolute Bank offers a full spectrum of financial services, including any finance type, a set of cash-and-settlement services, additional investment and other opportunities.

Absolute Bank

Alfa-Bank Closed Joint Stock Company (Belarus) was founded in 1999 (before November 2008 «Bank of International Trade and Investments» (Mezhtorgbank Closed Joint Stock Company).
In the corporate sector key customers of the Bank are largest enterprises of Belarus in the field of oil refining, wholesale of oil products, metallurgy products, building materials.
In the retail sector the Bank has been rendering a wide range of services by means of Mastercard/Maestro plastic cards , extending autocredits and consumer credits, mobilizing deposits of individuals, rendering services to individuals in the sphere of money transfers.
The Bank is one of the leaders in the Belarusian market of operations with the instruments present at the securities market: treasury bonds, short-term bonds issued by the National Bank, corporate bonds, shares, debentures. In the rating of banks Alfa-Bank is the first in respect of the operations with shares and the third in respect of the operations with debentures. The Bank possesses a successful experience in arranging bond lending for its customers.
The Bank is one of the leaders in the trade finance sphere by rendering services in opening , negotiating, confirming, advising letters of credit. It issues, confirms, advises, renders services in verifying bank guarantees, accepts documents for documentary collection.


Alfa-Bank Closed Joint Stock Company (Ukraine) is of the most dynamically developing banks of the Ukraine represented in all key banking sectors, including servicing private and corporate customers, depository services, the services on arranging and underwriting issues of corporate and municipal bonds, as well as the consulting services.
The Banks strategic goal consists in establishing and strengthening leading positions in the sector of banking services for corporate customers attaining leading positions in the market of retail financial services, as well as of small and medium business.
Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) is occupying leading positions among managers of market corporate bond offering . The Bank has been rendering the entire spectrum of services in arranging and underwriting debenture issues starting from the preparation of loan schedules to the analytical support thereof during the whole period of circulation of such bonds. The Bank has developed new approaches to bond offering materially enhancing capabilities of issuers.


AK BARS Bank (An Open Joint Stock Company) has been registered by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and successfully operating in the financial market of Russia since 1993 . The Banks customers are largest exporters of the Republic of Tatarstan, enterprises of the O&G and Petrochemical Complex , mechanical engineering, telecommunication, building, chemical, motor transport, trade and agroindustrial enterprises.
AK BARS Bank ranks among twenty largest financial institutions of Russia.



Alfa-Bank is a universal bank performing all major types of banking operations available in the market of financial services, including servicing private and corporate customers, investment banking business , trade finance and asset management.
Within 2008 the Alfa-Bank banking group proved over again its leading positions in the banking sector of Russia having been awarded on repeated occasions. Among such awards are «The best domestic bank » (according to Global Finance journal), «The best bank according to the 2008 Customer» (based on the results of investigations conducted by Senteo jointly with PricewaterhouseCoopers), awards by Superbrands International.

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